Hello Friend,

I’m so glad you are here… Let me introduce myself, I'm Nickie Crow, the founder, creator & chief candle maker of The French Market Candle Company!
My candle journey started back in 2010 when the hand made candle business I purchased candles from was closing. To be honest my first thought (along with a lot of panic) was what will I do without these candles?!?
And so my candle journey began with, how a candle made me feel, which is still hard to put into words, to creating a beautiful quality candle that smelled amazing! 

Fast forward to today…If there is one thing I love is bringing joy to others!
It may sound silly to think that a candle can bring you joy but that is my passion for my candles! I always say burning a candle is an experience, and my #1 desire was and IS for my candles to give you an experience.
To enhance a mood, lift your spirits, create a sense of calm and make your home feel like home!

To bring you JOY!

That is what they do for me and that is what I want them to do for you. Evoke feelings that are calming, peaceful and bring joy!

What I love hearing from YOU is how they make you feel! With that in mind, I’m inspired to always create a scent and candle that will fill your home flowing into several rooms. I hand-pour, label, box and ship each candle to you with great love and care. They are sent off with a blessing and arrive with the purpose to bring joy and add a touch of luxury by its warm glow and fragrance!

2020 was not only my 10 year candle business anniversary but was also the year that changed my life with breast cancer.
Thank you for all your love and support over the years but especially in 2020. Your love, prayers and continued support through multiple surgeries and chemo fills my heart with overwhelming gratitude! 

Thank you for being my community of candle friends & family!!!💕
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From my heart to your home! 

~ Nickie