Hand Poured For Your Home

At The French Market Candle Company our candles are centered on 
home, family and creating lasting memories. 

Candlelight transforms everything it touches, and the fragrant glow immediately
fills a room with an inviting atmosphere.

Our candles are the perfect harmony of incredible fragrances and home décor. 
Hand-poured with a premium soy blend and Clean Scents™ 
for an amazing experience you will come back for more!  

Enhance your candle experience with our luxury candle wick trimmer. It will help extend the
life of your candle with improved performance and a cleaner burn.

Browse and choose from our wide selection of evocative home fragrances and let us
help you transform your space!

  • "I used to have a candle shop in my town that carried this scent of candle but they went out of business in a storm. Since that time I've had a really hard time finding good quality pound cake candles that don't just smell like cheap, generic, knock-off candles that you can get anywhere. This candle smells INCREDIBLE! It fills the entire house with the most amazing smell. The wicks are great as well. There is next to zero soot when burned with the instructions given. The glass is top-notch. Side note: Any company that takes the time to write a hand-written thank you note on your order receipt, that is a company I want to stick by and support. I am a French Market Candle Co customer for life! Get this candle. You will thank me later :)"

    - Dustin 9/20/23
  • These are amazing candles. The packaging is nice and they really do make your whole house smell wonderful! You will not be disappointed if you give them a try! 

    - Irma
  • Large selection, the fragrances are wonderful and they leave such a fabulous lingering scent long after you blow out the candle! Love them!! They make wonderful gifts!!!

    - Kathy
  • OMG! These candles smell amazing!!! 

    - Sandy
  • I'm obsessed with these candles!!! I light mine as soon as I wake up! I will eventually have one in every room in my house :) I am burning my new fall candles, Pumpkin Souffle’ and Apple Harvest. My house smells divine!! Getting ready to light my Vanilla Pound Cake!! 

    - Heather
  • The absolute BEST candle - love these!!!

    - Jana
  • Hi Nickie!

    I received one of your candles as a gift in the  French Market  scent. I love it and would like to order more!

    - Becky
  • Nickie,

    My home was full of family and friends this thanksgiving week. Your beautiful candles added lovely fragrances that set the backdrop of the holiday mood throughout our home. Thank you for being so creative.

    Merry Christmas!

    - Dorothy
  • This is is the most amazing smelling, long lasting candle I’ve had in awhile! Do yourself a favor and get a few while you are there!

    - Stefanie
  • This candle smells amazing (pumpkin souffle') testing out the new smells for The French Market Candle Company and let me tell you I think this might be my favorite so far 😍😍😍😍 best thing about these candles is they last sooooo long and makes your whole house smell great😱 this Travel Tin is making our 3000 sq foot house smell amazing ☺️👍🏻 thank you again Nickie Crow, your candles are amazing and y’all need to go order some from her now.

    - Briana
  • Love love love the candles! Perfect for gifts or just for me!

    - Cindy
  • Love these candles!! They smell delicious and are hand-poured with love!

    - Carla

    - Gabriela
  • Her candles are amazing! They are beautifully packaged and worth every penny!

    - Connie