Shout HTX: Meet Nickie Crow

Meet Nickie Crow | Founder | Creative | Candle Maker

We had the good fortune of connecting with Nickie Crow and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Nickie, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?

My candle journey started back in 2010 when the small hand made candle business I purchased candles from was closing. To be honest, my first thought along with a lot of panic was what will I do without these candles?!? They were my guilty pleasure. So my journey began with how a candle made me feel, which is still hard to put into words.

Candles evoke emotions, memories and create ambiance. They set the mood and can literally change the atmosphere in your space. That feeling inspired me to create a beautiful quality hand made candle that smelled amazing and would create an experience!

Fast forward to today…

One thing I love is bringing joy to others! It may sound silly to think that a candle can bring you joy but that is my passion in life and for my candles! I always say burning a candle is an experience and my #1 desire was and IS for my candles to create an experience for you. One that enhances your mood, lifts your spirits, creates a sense of calm and makes your home feel like home! To bring you JOY!

That is what they do for me…. they are comforting, cozy and bring me joy…. That feeling when walking through your home and running into the fragrance of the candle that is burning in your kitchen or living room. It’s a sensory moment that brings a smile to your face, it lifts your spirits, it brings you joy! That is my happy place and what I love hearing from YOU is how they make you feel!

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