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We were lucky to catch up with Nickie Crow recently and have shared our conversation below.

Alright, Nickie thanks for taking the time to share your stories and insights with us today. What’s been the best thing you’ve ever seen (or done yourself) to show a customer that you appreciate them?

Well, the best story I’ve ever heard is from a close friend who found themselves needing to turn a bad customer experience into a great customer experience and it is how I approach my business with my clients.

There was a seminar with 250 attendees and the speaker was talking about grass roots marketing. He used a very well known restaurant chain as a great example on this subject. Praising the company all around he encouraged them to go eat dinner there that night.
They took his advice for dinner but it wasn’t a great experience. So the next day they told the speaker about it. The speaker knew the founder of the company and called him telling him about the experience.

The next day my friend, the General Manager was informed of the situation and took their “very famous dessert” to the seminar for all the attendees to enjoy. He set up a table, displayed the dessert and was about to leave when they asked him to speak to the attendees because they were so impressed that he showed up with desserts.

He walked into the room of 250 people and was handed a microphone. He proceeded to apologized for their bad experience and tell them how the company values every guest and build their business one meal at a time and one guest at a time. By the end of his speech he received applause and a standing ovation!
He made 250 guests feel very appreciated!

That happened many years ago but I will always remember how I felt just hearing the story let alone how they must have felt. I’m sure they will always remember that experience!

We all want to feel appreciated and I try to convey that feeling in my business from the moment they receive their package and open the box. Enclosed is a handwritten note, a personal candle care card and packed well for safe transit.

Candles are an experience and that experience starts even before you light it!

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