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Burn & Bring Back

Do you hate to throw away perfectly good things? Do you want to be more eco-friendly?

Then this is for you! Lots of you have asked and now it’s officially here!

Burn, Bring Back & Buy
Burn your French Market Candle Company candles and bring back the jars for $5 off any immediate candle purchase of equal or more value.

It’s One for One  -  Bring One Buy One!
Bring your empty candle container back and purchase a new candle at the time of return and receive a $5 discount. 
Jars do not need to be completely cleaned out, however I can show you how!
Minor chips or cracks are okay, but please NO BROKEN GLASS!

If you aren’t able to participate in returning your containers I have a few ideas for you to reuse and give them new life. Pen or pencil holder, Make-up brush or paint-brush holder, Q-tip holders, flower vase (fresh-cut roses come to mind), fresh herb terrariums and even drinking glasses!

If you found other great ways to reuse your container post it on social media and tag us!

@frenchmarketcandleco #frenchmarketcandleco

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